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Blue Lotus Wellness Retreats, where tranquility meets transformation. We provide a safe haven for those seeking an alternative approach to mental health, blending the power of nature with cutting-edge modalities such as Ketamine Therapy, EMDR, Yoga, Somatic Experiencing, Meditation, Energy healing and Regression Therapy.

Beautiful Locations

Whether it's the vibrant fall foliage in New Hampshire, USA, or the mesmerizing pyramids in Teotihuacan is guaranteed to be a stunning backdrop for your healing journey.

Safe Environments

Creating a safe space is our top priority! We carefully vet attendees for a perfect fit in our group settings to ensure everyone the best experience during your time with us.

Professional Facilitators

Guiding your journey with expertise and care, our professional facilitators create a supportive environment for your healing, whether you're in Teotihuacan or any of our stunning locations.

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Uncover Fresh Healing Journeys with Our Latest Retreat Offerings, Featuring various types of experiences including Innovative Ketamine Therapy, transformative spiritual and sacred journeys and group therapy focused on trauma, depression, anxiety, stress and more issues impacting peoples mental health and wellness.

ketamine retreats


Unleash the potential for rapid and profound relief from depression and anxiety with our meticulously crafted Ketamine Therapy infusions. Studies show a 47.5% decrease in drepression after just 6 doses during our retreat, paving the way for you to take back your life!

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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and renewal in serene landscapes. Delve into mindfulness practices and holistic therapies to cultivate inner harmony and profound healing. Reconnect with God and embrace a life of balance, purpose, and joy!


Escape to picturesque locations and immerse yourself in evidence-based techniques and personalized guidance to foster profound healing and growth. We provide a nurturing environment for you to explore and heal to emerge ready to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace!


With a focus on mindfulness and introspection, our experienced facilitators lead immersive sessions designed to unlock the innate wisdom within you. Whether you seek solace from life’s challenges, wish to explore your spiritual path, or simply yearn for renewal, our retreats provide a safe space for profound self-exploration and growth.

Embrace the potential for joy and fulfillment that we can help you unlock. Our retreats not only focus on alleviating symptoms but also on rediscovering the beauty of life, helping you embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.



Why us

Our retreat is not just a temporary escape but a catalyst for lasting change, providing you with the skills to continue your healing journey long after the retreat concludes.

Rapid Transformation

Rapid Transformation

Experience a swift and powerful transformation, freeing yourself from the clutches of depression in just 7 days.

Community Connection

Forge meaningful connections with others on a similar healing path, creating a supportive community for ongoing well-being.

Holistic Renewal

Rediscover a holistic sense of self as you engage in activities and practices that nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned professionals who guide you through a personalized journey, ensuring your comfort, safety, and successful healing.

What people Say About us


Stories of Renewed Hope at Blue Lotus Wellness

“Dealing with unresolved trauma and depression most of my life, this was an experience of a lifetime! I have tried endless medications, therapists and counseling. I finally felt like I have gotten to the root of my problems."

Jenn B


“I did not know coming into this what to expect, but it truly was a unique journey to me. I believe it was a rebirth of sorts and I can begin to now start my new lifes journey.”

Brian F


“The facilitators created a perfect environment to feel safe in opening to all of the healing potential that came with my ketamine journeys. Along with the rest of the experiences, I felt free to do my own exploration and supported when I needed help!

Michelle M
Michelle M


"One of the most life changing things Ive done for myself. The things I learned about myself have been pivotal. Worth Every Dollar!”



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